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Powersoft is a fully integrated dealer management suite designed and tailored for your business regardless of size. Our easy to use and completely integrated module based software allows you to save time and money while boosting the productivity of your team. With the Powersoft software you can start with a single software module or design your own configuration with as many users and modules as your business requires. Each feature rich module is easily customizable and seamlessly integrates with our industry specific beneficial add-ons, allowing you to take your system to the next level. Modules include: Point of Sale/Inventory control, Service/Repair Orders, Unit Sales System, Visual Marina Manager, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Time Clock, and more.

POS / Inventory Control Module

User friendly Point of Sale/ Inventory Control System helps you quickly and easily make sales, look up and manage inventory and parts.

  • Over 800 OEM, vendor, distributor price catalogs
  • Easily load price catalogs
  • Barcode generation and recognition
  • Automatic price list updates
  • Keyword search capabilities
  • Built-in purchase order interface
  • Flexible matrix lets you profitably price inventory
  • Complete special order tracking with E-mail / Text notification
  • Import shopping cart orders and upload product information to website
  • Detailed inventory part notes, web links, image, and video attachments
  • Micro fiche interface- Fully integrated with Stock Pro, Mercury electronic parts catalog, Ari PartSmart, Volvo EPC, Honda IN and many more.

Service / Repair Order Module

Our in depth industry leading service module will increase your revenue and save you time, with enhanced features such as service history tracking, recommended services and much more.

  • Complete Service History
  • Detailed mechanic tracking
  • “Flat Rate Guide” for marine industry
  • Flat rate/hourly sublet charging
  • Auto notification when work order are completed via text/email
  • Job templates for common recurring jobs
  • Warranty claims efficiently billed & tracked
  • User-Defined database with unlimited customizable fields to store all information needed specific to your customer’s units.
  • Customer reports saved in multiple forms including excel

Unit Sales Module

Our unit sales module will help you close more deals and make you more money with complete tracking capabilities.

  • Database of unique serialized units linked to library of factory and dealer options.
  • Ability to quickly quote and offer payment options.
  • All serialized units can be added to inventory independently or all in one package.
  • Create, save, edit, and finalize deals with F&I forms integration.
  • Includes all the tools you need to quickly close more deals.
  • Floor plan interest tracking by company and unit
  • Custom window stickers and show special labels
  • Sales person commission calculations
  • Consignment, brokerage and trade units are handled with ease
  • Prospect management system for sales follow-up
  • User-Defined database with unlimited customizable fields to store all information needed specific to your units.
  • In-house financing (Buy Here Pay Here)

Accounts Receivable Module

Our Accounts Receivable module tracks all customer history and seamlessly integrates throughout the system.

  • Tracks and displays customer info including type, discount structure, credit limit, credit balance, and detailed transaction history.
  • Recurring Billing sets up contract invoicing specific to customers & time periods, such as storage, rentals, payment plans & more.
  • Customer notes allow you to attach notes to a customer’s file that will display at the sales screen.
  • Finance charges, aging, and statements (by individual or selected amounts) can be calculated & run at any time.
  • Enter invoices, debit memos, finance charges, payments, and credit memos posting directly to customer accounts immediately.
  • Complete aging/transaction audit trail, cash and collection, trial balance listing reports, and mailing label function with many search and sort options.
  • Discount matrix lets you discount customers by vendor or product code.
  • User-Defined database with unlimited customizable fields to store all information needed specific to your customers.

Accounts Payable Module

Our Accounts Payable module allows you to enter and track all your expenses and bills.

  • Stores and displays vendor info including unique G/L chart of accounts, transaction & detail check history and more.
  • Print batch or on-demand, single checks, enter manual checks with complete, partial, or split payments.
  • Reconcile multiple bank accounts.
  • Bill pay with company credit cards
  • Post invoices, debit memos, partial or complete payments and credit memos
  • Complete payable aging, transaction cash requirement, list/label reports with many search/sort criteria.
  • Automatic Bill Pay reminder
  • User-Defined database with unlimited customizable fields to store all information needed specific to your vendors.

General Ledger Module

Our General Ledger module allows you to keep your fingers on your financial pulse with in-depth reporting.

  • Automatic, Partial, or Manual updates from other modules.
  • Review screen lets you see and edit journal entries before posting & display current info without closing prior period.
  • Maintain and display current info without closing prior period.
  • Accounts have optional, multiple control numbers.
  • Flexible financial statement set up including preprinted forms.
  • Multiple corporation, franchise, departmental and sub account structure.
  • Detailed audit and financial reports.

Time Clock Module

Efficiently track all employee and mechanic time, allowing for accurate job costing.

  • Tracks all employee hours by log in/out.
  • Tracks actual labor hours for each work order with technician log in/out per job.
  • Allows you the ability to assign work orders for each technician in advance.
  • Reports to track actual labor costs.

Beneficial Add-Ons

Our beneficial "Add-Ons" is comprised of an extensive offering of industry specific and business management oriented interfaces and tools.
  • Electronic Fiche Interface
  • Credit | Debit | Gift Card Processing
  • OEM & Aftermarket Cross Reference (X-Ref) Interface
  • Barcode Generator
  • Site and E-Commerce Interface
  • Archive System
  • Event Processing - Text & Email capabilities
  • Multi-Carrier Shipping Interface
  • Multi-Company Multi-Location Option
  • Vendor Ordering E-Communications
  • Payroll Interface
  • Quickbooks Interface
  • F&I , Forms Interface